Guilford soil and water super-elect reportedly moved out of county

You'll read about it tomorrow in the News & Record, as they say in the blogging biz....

David Crawford, a political gadfly with some erratic tendencies who has run unsuccessfully for city council in Greensboro and Winston-Salem and for Guilford County School Board, says that the man elected to Guilford County Soil and Water Conservation District supervisor has moved out of the county, and will not be allowed to serve.

Kirk Perkins, the supervisor-elect, shares a name with a well-known Guilford County Commission. The latter Perkins chaired the county commission at the time of the election, thus making him the highest-ranking elected official in county government. Perkins, the candidate for soil and water super, was well aware of that, says Crawford, who added that several people told him they voted for the candidate for soil and water super thinking they were casting a ballot for the county commissioner.

Crawford, who told me he managed the lesser-known Kirk Perkins' campaign, says he encouraged him to run.

"He needed some structure and responsibility in his life, and I thought it might help him advance in his life," Crawford told me.

Not only did Crawford manage Perkins' campaign, but he also says he gave him a place to live. That is, until Crawford evicted Perkins. After that, Crawford said he was advised to cut off all contact with his former protege.

Name recognition is the only way that Kirk Perkins could have won the soil and water super race, considering that incumbent Herb Hendrickson has been universally well regarded for his work on the post.

Perkins won the five-way soil and water race in November with 34,907 votes, followed by Andrew Courts, who garnered 33,847. Hendrickson received only 28,097 votes.

Crawford is no stranger to the tactic of exploiting other better-known candidates' name recognition for political advantage. His name is similar to that of David R. Crawford, chairman of the NC 5th Congressional District Democrats and the Democratic candidate for the District 5 seat in 2002.

The lesser-known David Crawford said he learned that Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor-elect Kirk Perkins had moved out of Guilford County through a phone call from an acquaintance.


Unknown said...

then the second in line should get the nod in Andrew Courts.

Anonymous said...

From reading Gerald Witt's article in today's News & Record, it sounds as if the sitting Guilford County Soil and Water Board of Supervisors could recommend someone for appointment, who would then be approved by the NC Soil and Water Commission. It seems like Andrew Courts would be the logical choice.

Roch101 said...

A new election is in order.

Anonymous said...

Roch, by all rights it seems like Herb Hendrickson should have won. An incumbent, he knows the job and he seems to have won high marks. And yet, he received more than 5,000 fewer votes than Courts. That can't be chalked up to Kirk Perkins, can it? So why shouldn't Courts be appointed, instead of holding a costly election in which few voters will likely show up to participate?

Anonymous said...

Kirk Perkins in fact made a cash bet with criss that he could pay the file cost of $5 and then forget about it and win! kirk did it! Kirk ran no ads, kirk skip all talks, kirk put no idems out, in fact kirk total forgot about the race and he wins! this is so wrong! this shows you running a race now days is a joke! look at all the money obama and kay hagan wasted to win, kirk shows to win you do nothing in fact for forget your in the run and just life your life and your win! holy crap what is wrong with us?

Anonymous said...

i am pissed!when i run for office in 2009 ill do the same crap! file and say to hell with the race, if it works for kirk it will work for me! ha ha ha ha

thats a joke!

Anonymous said...

You've got to hand it to Anonymous and "Rob Perkins," whose syntactical tics share some striking similarities with those of David Crawford: They make some salient points about how easy it is to dupe voters and hijack democracy.

Anonymous said...

Astute readers recognize, of course, that Robbie Perkins is a sitting Greensboro city council member facing reelection in November, who is widely believed to harbor mayoral ambitions.

Anonymous said...

Kirk is a dume ass! he wins and then blows off the people and the job! I say Kirk Is nuts!

Anonymous said...

Would the other Kirk Perkins please stand up?

On Election Day, two men with the same name won seats in Guilford County. One, County Commissioner C.F. “Kirk” Perkins III, won his second term and was sworn in with no problems.

The other Kirk Perkins won a less prominent seat — and this is a mouthful — as a member on the Board of Supervisors for Guilford County Soil and Water Conservation District.

But that Perkins didn’t show up to be sworn in November. Since then, two certified letters have been sent to two addresses and were returned unopened.

In addition, the News & Record has attempted to contact Perkins at phone numbers from two addresses in Greensboro and High Point with no success.

And now the five-member board, with which he would serve, wonders whether Perkins will ever show up.

“If we don’t hear from him, we will appoint someone to take his place or recommend someone to take his place,” said George Teague, chairman of the Board of Supervisors.

The office that Perkins ran for doesn’t pay, and the filing fee — five bucks — isn’t much out-of-pocket. But the board doles out roughly $100,000 each year to farmers working to keep the county’s land healthy through conservation projects.

Herb Hendrickson holds the current seat. He ran for re-election and lost to Perkins but keeps the seat until the winner shows up or a new one is appointed.

Andrew Courts, the runner-up to Perkins by 1,060 votes, isn’t sore upon hearing that Perkins is nowhere to be found.

“I didn’t know if he was playing coy, or had a job transfer, or ran on a lark and got caught in the headlights,” Courts said.

But if Perkins still doesn’t appear by February, Courts would be happy to take the seat, he said.

Teague said that the board would meet in January with hopes that Perkins will take his seat. Otherwise, if Perkins is still a no-show in February, they’ll find a suggestion for an appointee to be approved by the N.C. Soil and Water Commission, which appoints two members on the board regularly. Three others are elected by Guilford County residents.

Anonymous callers to the News & Record have suggested that Perkins has moved out of the county.

“It’s sort of strange that this person hasn’t shown up. And since he decided to run,” Teague said of the disappearance, “you think he’d let somebody know something.”

Anonymous said...

Kirk wins by betting on name recognition is Perkins. Not the Kirk Perkins who is chairman of the much-publicized Board of County Commissioners. This is another Kirk Perkins. County Commissioner Perkins has chosen to list his name on the ballot as C.F. (Kirk) Perkins III to distinguish himself from the soil and water conservation supervisor candidate but it did not work! both win! HOLY CRAP!

Anonymous said...

Crawford took out a magistrate summons on Kirk then Crawford took out a Small claims on Kirk, Kirk failed to pay the rent Then Kirk
Trashed the home one night when Kirk was wasted one night! Dave cant talk about it due to its not all closed. Kirk also lived at the conrad house winston salem in March 2008, He also took off from the conrad house winston salem with a $1500 bill on pass rent! Kirk also trashed the room at the conrad house winston salem. Kirk then moved to his x-girl friends home in march, in April he ask dave if he could stay till he got his own home, the rest we know,.,...,.,

Anonymous said...

Robbie Perkins, Kirk R Perkins, Kirk Perkins III, now with all the Perkins who have got in office all we need is a 4th, im sick of this I am going to run for office and i am going to rename myself Robbie Perkins! if kirk II can clone Kirk III and win i run as Robbie Perkins II i will win? Why not? HA HA HA HA HA HA

Sad But Ture,...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Glad you got that all off your chest, David.

Anonymous said...

you know we need to do a story on the lack of the people Jordan. look people run for office all the time, thay wast alot of cash for ad's and tv spots and ect, then kirk pops up and win?

Anonymous said...

sorry just total pissed

Anonymous said...

David, how come you agreed to manage Kirk Newlin's campaign? And who knows how to track him down?

Anonymous said...

When we look at the facts.

(1) The person who won the race for the Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor seat. Has been a no-show and now we read without charges being filed todate by the Guilford County Board of Elections, that this person may have committed a felony due to the fraud.

(2) If convicted of election fraud would this person still get his benefits from the SSA?

(3) The voters of Guilford County voted without knowing the candidates. So why should the residence of Guildford County not pay for the gross error in a special election?

(4) Since the Guilford Soil and Water Conservation District wishes to appoint the current board member over the runner up. Then the District and County should help fund the special election.

(5) The other four (4) should be given the chance to serve the residence of Guilford County. The other candidates were:

(A) A. Courts
(B) H. Hendrickson (i)
(C) S. Herman
(D) J. Wyatt

Just as with other races in the State the County should give each one a budget of say $4,000.00 this way they have file a campaign report and we can all see what they do.


Simple you have two according to records that have been elected to the Soil and Water Conservation District Board and both are still involved in conservation in some fashion.

(A) H. Hendrickson (i) (The board has already showed set to Hijack the 2008 Elections and appoint him).

(B) S. Herman (elected before in Cabarrus County and was Vice Chairman of the Board and also serves as Chairman of SouthCentral RC&D (Resource, Conservation and Development).

I recall seeing the big red and white signs out in county for "Scott Herman for Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor" and those were big signs, they were actually the biggest and largest I would think was allowed by law.

So, since the voters voted for what is being a person using a fake name. Then we the people should pay for this lazy vote and pay in a way that we don't let just a name win again in our county.

I hope one of the candidates ask for a special election or takes the matter to court.

Anonymous said...

kirk has a x-wife named KAREN she dose not live in nc & dose not have last name (newell or perkins or etc) karens mom only said kirk was a nut & used fake names alot!

Anonymous said...

Sorry but this story sucks!

Report on news like Obama

Anonymous said...

Dave was only Kirks Treasurer manager! thats all! Kirk main manager was some girl Kirk was dating! Dave only took the Treasurer job due to the new state law you must have a class and dave has, Dave was told he would get paid for this job! Kirk never paid him so Dave wrote Kirk off! Kirk had no cash to report anyway!

Anonymous said...

David, you've told the N&R and the Rhino that you didn't know Kirk Newell/Perkins was registering to vote and running under a fake name, but here you're making comments under various handles and "anonymous." It's obvious to me, but it may be somewhat confusing to people who aren't aware of your MO. Why don't you sign your comments "David Crawford"?