Taylor, Terry headed for runoff in Southeast Ward race — UPDATE

Democratic incumbent Evelyn Terry and challenger James Taylor will participate in a runoff for the Southeast Ward seat on the Winston-Salem City Council after neither candidate was able to garner more than 40 percent of the ballots cast in the municipal primary on Tuesday.

Terry, who was first elected to the city council in 2005, received 160 votes or 36 percent of the total votes cast, while Taylor received 150 votes or 34 percent of the votes in the municipal primary. Jimmy Boyd,a retired Winston-Salem police supervisor, received 136 votes or 30 percent of the total votes cast on Tuesday.

According to local election law, a candidate must receive 40 percent or more of the vote to avoid a runoff. The two candidates receiving the most votes are eligible for the runoff election.

Taylor said he plans on meeting with Boyd today to ask for his support in the runoff election, which will be held Oct. 6.

"I thought that Jimmy and Evelyn were both formidable opponents," Taylor said. "I'm grateful to still be in the race."

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Jordan Green said...

I'm embarrassed I don't know this: When does the runoff take place?