Crawford announces withdrawal from District 5 race

UPDATE: As of about 10:30 a.m. on Thursday (Sept. 29), Crawford has not officially withdrawn from the District 5 race for Greensboro City Council, according to a source at the Guilford County Board of Elections.

ORIGINAL POST: David Crawford says he is dropping out of the race for the District 5 seat on Greensboro City Council, citing one of his parent's poor health.


UPDATE: I understand that Crawford's name will remain on the primary election ballot, but any votes he may receive will not be counted. I'm awaiting confirmation on this information from officials at the Guilford County Board of Elections.

Crawford's decision narrows the field of candidates to two, ensuring that incumbent Trudy Wade and Jorge Cornell will advance to the general election in November.

Charlie Collicutt, deputy director for the Guilford County Board of Elections, says via e-mail that Crawford has not officially withdrawn from the race, but he expects him to do so this afternoon.

If and when that happens, § NCGS 163-294.1, entitled “Death of candidates or elected officers,” applies:

If a candidate for nomination in a nonpartisan municipal primary dies, becomes disqualified, or withdraws before the primary but after the ballots have been printed, the board of elections shall determine whether or not there is time to reprint the ballots. If the board determines that there is not enough time to reprint the ballots, the deceased or disqualified candidate's name shall remain on the ballots. If he receives enough votes for nomination, such votes shall be disregarded and the candidate receiving the next highest number of votes below the number necessary for nomination shall be declared nominated. If the death or disqualification of the candidate leaves only two candidates for each office to be filled, the nonpartisan primary shall not be held and all candidates shall be declared nominees.

Collicutt said that although the three candidates will appear on the ballot for District 5 voters, the votes won’t actually be counted, and Wade and Cornell will automatically be nominated for the general election.

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