This week in YES! Weekly

feature: Praying for rain — State scrutinizes finances of local Weatherization agency that has been troubled by quality control problems and leadership instability
be there: Run 4 The Greenway, The Big Uneasy, Titus Andronicus, and more...
10 best: Ruminations on 9-11
dirt: Student group set to launch weatherization outreach and landfill education effort
voices: What does Labor Day mean?
editorial: Noise and nonsense
tunes: High Point honors Coltrane, Lupe rocks a fiasco
flicks: Spooky doings, both here on earth and on the moon
visions: Come Closer pays attention to detail
drama: Play relives 10-year-old memories
chow: When chicken bites you back
crash: Raiding the Lost Ark

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