Bail hearing set for convicted staffing executive

A bail hearing has been set for Jan. 26 at 11 a.m. for Greg Harrison, the Greensboro staffing company executive who was found guilty by a federal jury of multiple counts of failure to pay payroll taxes, in addition to corrupt endeavor to obstruct and impede internal revenue laws.

Harrison is awaiting sentencing in April, and has been detained since his conviction before Christmas. Harrison’s public defender said in a motion filed on Tuesday that pretrial services has completed an updated bail report that includes proposed conditions of release. The motion states that the defendant agrees to the conditions, but the government remains opposed to Harrison’s release.

A federal prosecutor argued after Harrison’s conviction that the defendant was a flight risk because he potentially faces a 10-year prison sentence, his frequent use of corporate jets indicates that he is highly mobile and his word is not to be trusted considering testimony and evidence that the government characterized as fraudulent and misleading.

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