Perkins to seek reelection to county commission

Two Republicans, Trudy Wade and Justin Conrad, have indicated plans to run for the new NC Senate District 27 seat. Meanwhile, some speculation has abounded about whether a Democrat will take a crack at the district, although it leans Republican.

Pricey Harrison, who has been "double-bunked" with fellow Democratic NC House member Maggie Jeffus in the same House District, said she has no plans to run for the new Senate seat. Likewise with Kirk Perkins, a Democrat on the Guilford County Commission, whose district has become somewhat less politically friendly following the imposition of a redistricting plan by the Republican-controlled General Assembly.

Perkins says he plans to seek reelection to the District 4 seat for Guilford County Commission.

Meanwhile, the announcement by US Rep. Brad Miller that he will not seek reelection is headline news this morning.

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