Chemical tanker turns over in western Guilford

Emergency workers were righting a tanker truck yesterday evening after transferring the contents on Sandy Ridge Road near Interstate 40 in western Guilford County.

Greensboro Deputy Fire Chief Clarence Hunter said the truck had been carrying potassium, an ingredient in liquid soap. The fire department's Hazardous Material Regional Response Team unit was on the scene on standby, but Hunter said the unit ultimately was not needed because the tanker's contents were contained. The accident caused the closure of Sandy Ridge Road and the eastbound exit onto the interstate

Potassium carbonate is classified as a hazardous material. Inhalation can cause a sore throat and cough, while exposure to the skin and eyes can cause redness and pain.

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Dallas Willis said...

Thank goodness the chemicals in the tank didn't spill! It would’ve been a disaster had there been leaks on the container. Thankfully, the container was locked tightly on the trailer. If it wasn't locked tightly, the container would’ve gone rolling down and, worst case scenario, explode.

Dallas Willis