UNCG and GPD aim to learn more about how abuse survivors use services

UNCG Associate Dean of Research Jacquelyn White is leading a study, in conjunction with the Greensboro Police Department, about how survivors of abusive relationships use the resources of various agencies in Guilford County.

“Our goal is to hear survivors’ experiences about the services – positive or negative – to help identify any program shortfalls and make the process as easy as possible for other domestic violence survivors,” White said in a press release.

UNCG is seeking participants for the study who would be asked to participate in an hour-long confidential interview about their experiences with service programs and not about the abuse they experienced.

Contact Shawn Mendez at 336-338-9207, or snmendez@uncg.edu for more information. Participants will each get a $25 gift card, though the press release didn't say where the card could be used.

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