Linville: Forsyth tax rate will remain the same this year

Forsyth County Commission Chairman Richard Linville told a Republican gathering at Golden Corral last night that he has instructed County Manager Dudley Watts to present a budget with no tax increase after consulting with a majority of his fellow commissioners.

The county is anticipating a $7.5 million budget shortfall this year, and the county manager told commissioners in February that the 2014 revaluation could result in a loss of $11.4 million in revenue

Linville and two other Republican incumbents, including Gloria Whisenhunt and Dave Plyler, face five primary challengers. The May 8 primary will determine which three Republicans go on to the general election with Democratic candidate Gail McNeill. The district favors Republicans by registration and voting history.

Some of the challengers are promoting their willingness to make tough decisions in pursuing fiscal and social conservative goals. Mark Baker, a Tobaccoville town councilman, pledges to reduce taxes. Jimmie Boyd charges that too many candidates are promoting tax-raising agendas. And Gene Lowder told Republican regulars last night: “As a Republican, I’ve always believed in lower taxes, fewer services and fewer entitlements."

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Jimmie Boyd said...

No tax increase, 7.5 million shortfall means Forsyth county will run in the negative without a proper budget and no room for error, by 2014 they will petition to raise the debt ceiling to cover 11.4 million in deficit. No proposals to cut bloated spending to make up the gap.
This is just a cover for the real issues, they cant create jobs without spending to much, they refuse to admit that The Board of Commissioners under 287 g can set local immigration laws which if done correct will help the job problem. Closed door meetings to give part time politicians benefits, elect the one who will work to cut bloated spending and in turn work against the odds to cut your taxes so our communities can recover. Everybody knows when you let a loaf of bread set to long it goes stale and its just money wasted.