No alternate funding for HEAT buses, transportation director says

There aren't any alternate funding sources for the HEAT bus system, according to a recent memo from Transportation Director Adam Fischer to the city manager. At the request of District 1 Councilwoman T. Diane Bellamy-Small, the department tried to identify possible funding sources to help cover the operating costs of the bus system.

"GTA does not have extra operating funds to support the HEAT service," the memo reads. "Even if such funds were to become available, their use in support of HEAT (as opposed to broader improvements in GTA service) would raise reasonable questions among our current riders and the residents of Greensboro."

The HEAT buses connect the area colleges and other sites in town, including the depot, and began in operating in August 2006. The project is a partnership between the colleges and the city, which was able to secure a federal grant covering 80 percent of the costs for the first three years.

The contract for the service is currently being negotiated, and even though the cost per student —paid by the schools— will not increase as much as anticipated, it will still rise from $15 per student per semester to $16.20 next academic year and $17.40 the year after.

The memo also explains an alternative relationship that GTCC has with the HEAT system. Read the full memo

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