UNCG Chancellor's letter about marriage amendment email

Below is a copy of the email from UNCG Chancellor Linda Brady to faculty and staff that has caused some controversy and free speech concerns from employees, students and residents. If the image is too large to read on your screen, click on it and it will open separately.

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Anonymous said...

This is completely outrageous. What the News & Record article won't disclose, and what Chancellor Brady's message won't disclose is HOW they have "taken appropriate steps...to ensure such 'incidents' do not occur in the future." UNC-G, and the Chancellor have SILENCED (threatened to fire) faculty and staff, including the Safe Zone staff about further educating our Queer & Trans communities on campus, and further about Amendment One. How, may I ask, is silencing a gay community EVER helpful? Her statement is absolutely absurd! This does, in fact, infringe upon everyone's right to engage and educate in political discourse!