Campaign manager for 12th congressional challenger resigns

Statement by Chad Nance, via Facebook:
With much regret I must announce that I, Chad Nance, will no longer be acting campaign manager for the Matt Newton for Congress campaign. Today, May 1st, it came to my attention that a member of the North Carolina Senate’s spouse has been at the polls telling voters that her husband pushed Amendment 1 in order to ensure what she described as a “Caucasian majority.” When I told Mr. Newton that I had given my information to local press he became irate and screamed that it would ruin his campaign if the African-American vote were to be galvanized and increased because of this incident. This was personally disappointing to me. While I have been a paid employee of the Newton campaign I am not a mercenary who would even consider suppressing this information in an attempt to ensure a low African-American turnout at the polls. If this means I am not fit to play in the political game then so be it. I will not work for just another politician... which sadly... Mr. Newton is.
Newton is challenging Rep. Mel Watt for the 12th Congressional District seat.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like Newton didn't want to win the A-A vote due to scandal, not because he didn't want to suppress their vote. Nance comes off as rather a self-righteous hack.

anomaly said...

Affable, I disagree. Mr. Newton is white. If the black vote were to be energized against a white sponsor of Am 1 saying that the bill is in promotion of the white race, it would stand to reason that they would come out to vote for other black candidates (Mel Watt) not a white one. Mr. Newton's comment was that this effort by his (former) campaign manager to ensure that black voters understood the intent of Am 1 would also increase the turnout of those who would vote against him, and that is why he became upset. This "scandal" would increase the black vote, and suppressing the information (what Mr. Newton suggested be done) would suppress their vote, granting him a better chance at a win.

Say No! said...

I also disagree, if you visit Mr. Newton website, he has been in the African American community fighting for justice regardless of race. I have listen to Mr. Newton voice his concerns and discuss what he has accomplish so far for in community. This race should not be about color, instead review his qualification let his work speak for him. Mr. Newton has spoken at various events in North Carolina that included all races, to misrepresent his name is nothing but despicable. This blog is nothing more than a candidate or campaign manager is afraid they are going to lose against Mr. Newton, so they are trying to discredit his name. FYI- I am African American!