Research candidates on Guilford and Forsyth ballots

As we move into the last month before the most important election of our lifetimes — or at least until 2016 — you might be thinking that you should start familiarizing yourself with the candidates on the ballot.

To my knowledge, no newspaper in the Triad has an online voter guide as comprehensive as YES! Weekly. Yes, I'm bragging because I've earned the right to. Since filing opened for most races in February, staff writer Eric Ginsburg, intern Karen Phillips and I have been calling every candidate who will be on the ballot in Guilford and Forsyth counties to get their data.

From president of the United States down to register of deeds and school board, we have information about the candidates' electoral experience, the endorsements they've received and who they've hired as campaign consultants. We also have information about High Point City Council candidates. And every time we file a story or publish a blog post on any of the candidates, a link is added to their page, so that all of our election coverage is compiled in one central location.

So visit us often at (Triad Elections 2012). 

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