Rockingham sheriff sponsoring film on immigration

The Rockingham County Sheriff's Office is co-sponsoring a screening of They Come to America: The Cost of Illegal Immigration, in what it says is an attempt to examine both sides of the issue and push for immigration reform.
"It is my hope that we can come together and, after watching this movie, those in attendance will join me in contacting our Congressmen and telling them that the time has come to fix our US immigration policy," Sheriff Sam Page said in a press release. "Whichever side of this issue you may be on, I think we can all agree that our current immmigration policy needs to be fixed, and that both sides of the isle n Washington need to come together to achieve this."
The film by Dennis Michael Lynch will be shown at Rockingham Community College's auditorium for free on Monday at 6:30 p.m. The term "illegal immigrants,"  — rather than the more accurate term "undocumented immigrants" — has been criticized as biased and dehumanizing.

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