VIDEO: Legend Bill Walton says happy birthday

As promised (but quite belated), here is the video of basketball legend Bill Walton wishing me a happy birthday. He was on tour with Furthur, the current incarnation of the Grateful Dead, and my friend Jordan (who he mentions) knew I was a Celtics fan and would appreciate this video from him. Apparently he asked her several questions about me and she explained I was a friend from Guilford College and worked as a journalist. So here's the video, created by two sweet souls on the West Coast.


Jordan Green said...

I almost thought for a moment that Bill Walton was referring to me when he said "you know Jordan" and "you're part of a great team." I'm always trying to horn in on your glory.

Eric Ginsburg said...

The team may be in reference to YES! Weekly — she told him about the paper and what I do.