Breaking: photo of surveillance officers now available

I asked the City of Greensboro to supply photos of Officers Steven Kory Flowers (left) and Rob Finch (right) to go along with my article about local police surveillance of activists.

In the past the city obliged, but after receiving no response and running the story anyway, one of my sources sent me a link to an article by the Southern Poverty Law Center about Flowers and Finch's work around "sovereign citizens."

The duo worked together gathering criminal intelligence on an array of "subversive" elements in the area and state, coordinating with other law enforcement agencies across the country to track, monitor and build files on everythinig from white supremacists to Occupy Greensboro. Finch, pictured right, actually infiltrated Occupy Greensboro, but you can read more about both officers and their work in this week's cover story.

This photo was taken by Jennifer Warbug and was posted with the SPLC article online. The interview is pretty interesting too.

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