Mounting evidence of food stamp delays at Forsyth DSS

While Forsyth County Department of Social Services Director Joe Raymond insists there is nothing out of the ordinary about the number of food-stamp clients experiencing delays in receiving benefits, reports continue to accumulate indicating otherwise.

More than two weeks ago, Winston-Salem human rights advocate Richard Cassidy wrote:

Forsyth County Department of Social Services is changing computer systems and must migrate the 26,000 "family units" approved for food stamps to a new computer system (the number of "family units" alone is more than 1/10 of Forsyth County's population.) A "family unit" is everyone living in the household that is approved for food stamps.
During the migration, many, many people cannot access their funds and thus cannot buy food and must seek food elsewhere, like Crisis Control Ministries, AIDS Care Service, Agape Care & Share or other community food banks.
Last week I spoke with a single mother of five children. When she went to buy groceries, her monthly benefits were unavailable and she left the grocery store embarrassed.
We bring this to your attention as fodder for prayer, discernment and service.

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Tandy Jones said...

a dely!..oh its more that that,,not only are they not recieving there benifits..i know from experience that i turned my paperwork in on time..i was already in the sytem and my benifits were not in my account..i have called multiple times..left many voicemails for my case worker..and a superviser,,and been ignored by all..i have been waiting more than 2 months..and was told by the recptionist that it was because of the worker i have,,i was told.."she has a lot of complaints..and is not able to do her her boss" hard is it to call someone back that only wants information on what is going on..