Greensboro named "Bicycle Friendly Community" again

A cyclist on Spring Garden Street
For the second time in a row, the League of American Bicyclists named Greensboro to its "Bicycle Friendly Community" list this year. 

According to a press release from the city, Greensboro received a bronze-level rating again "for its commitment to improving conditions for bicycling through investment in bicycling promotion, education programs, infrastructure, and pro-bicycling policies."

The city touted a growing infrastructure for bicycles, which includes working towards the completion of the downtown greenway and creating new bike lanes throughout the city.  The most recent bike lanes in Greensboro are on Phillips Avenue (from Tucker Street to Huffine Mill, 1.54 miles), on Meadowview Road (from Randleman Road to Elm-Eugene Street, 0.5 mile) and a combination of bike lanes and edge lines on Meadowview Road (edge lines from Urban Street to Atlanta Street, 1.18 miles; and bike lanes from Atlanta Street to South Elm-Eugene Street, 0.28 miles), according to city spokesperson Jake Keys. 

He also said lanes are planned on Horse Pen Creek Road, Alamance Church Road and North Church Street. The bike lanes, along with trails and greenways, increase "connectivity to key destinations," the city said. It listed other improvements, too: 

"The underpass for the Atlantic and Yadkin Greenway at Cone Boulevard was also completed in 2010, providing safer and more comfortable passage for bicyclists and pedestrians on that section of the greenway," the press release stated.

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Billy Jones said...

What level of membership did the City of Greensboro BUY in the League of American Bicyclists and how much did it cost?

Billy Jones said...

PS. If you'll go back through the minutes of city council meetings you'll find where the City of Greensboro did pay for that bronze rating.

Kinda dulls the finish of the bronze, don't you think?

Eric Ginsburg said...

Billy, that's totally bogus. There isn't even an application fee. I'm getting really tired of chasing down your ridiculous phantom leads.

This city has real issues to deal with and your imaginary conspiracies are distracting people from dealing with them.

Billy Jones said...

If it's bogus then why did City Council have to pursue it?

Billy Jones said...

Again Eric, why did an award by the American Bicyclists have to be first approved by the Greensboro City Council if no fee was involved? We watched it take place at the city council meeting.

Eric Ginsburg said...

You can't extrapolate that because the city discussed it that the award was paid for. I already talked to city staff chasing down your fabricated claim, and I have no interest in asking about why it was discussed. If you want to ask, I know you're aware of how to contact city staff.

An educated guess would be that (assuming your assertion is accurate this time) council approved applying for the award.