Guilford County register of deeds responds to action in Buncombe on gay marriage

File photo of Jeff Thigpen
Guilford County Register of Deeds Jeff Thigpen responded to a press release by Buncombe County's register of deeds earlier today in support of gay marriage (which you can read more about by clicking here or just scrolling down). Here's Thigpen's full public statement:

"Drew [Reisinger]'s leadership and recent decision to accept marriage applications show he has his shoulders to the grind moving in the right direction on this issue. I appreciate the steps he is taking in light of the recent Supreme Court decisions and an [NC Attorney General] opinion is certainly in order.  I'm assessing these new developments closely and will be talking with my county attorney tomorrow morning."

Below: Thigpen prayed with proponents of marriage equality in downtown Greensboro last month before they sought same-sex marriage licenses from his office, which he regretfully declined. 

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