Update on Captain Sterling Suddarth, firefighter injured in Elm Street Fire

The City of Greensboro Fire Department has determined that the Jan. 30 fire at 811 S. Elm Street was accidental in nature. The fire started when gasoline leaked from a vehicle onto the floor, and ignited when a worker accidentally dropped a portable light onto the fuel. The vehicle involved was elevated on a lift at the time of the fuel ignition and quickly became involved in the fire.
The intense heat from the raised burning vehicle hastened the damage to the roof structure, resulting in a collapse that injured members of the fire crew. Representatives from GPD, SBI and ATF assisted with the investigation.
Captain Sterling Suddarth (left) remains at Wake Forest Baptist Hospital. Fire Chief Greg Grayson met with Suddarth and his family today. Grayson reports that Suddarth continues to show solid improvement. Captain Suddarth states that he is very appreciative of the support that he and his family are receiving from the Greensboro Fire Department and the community.

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