YWCA of Greensboro Announces Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

Kim Diop, a local realtor, has been named the recipient of the YWCA Greensboro 2013 “Barbara Walker Lifetime Achievement Award.” The award honors women who have consistently and significantly impacted the YWCA over a number of years. Ms. Diop, a 30-year resident of Greensboro, is an ardent supporter of the YWCA. Her journey with the organization has led her from volunteer all the way to Board President and international advocate, as she has participated in YWCA activities around the world. Diop’s six-year tenure on the YWCA Board of Directors saw many achievements. She served as Chair of the Girls and Women in Sports Committee as well as Board Secretary. In 2008, she was elected Vice President of the Board of Directors. The following year, she became Board President – a position she held for three terms, until 2012. Kim is the immediate Past Chair of the Nominating and Board Development Committee, where she utilized her passion for what the YWCA does in the community to identify potential board members who will carry that same torch. Ms. Diop still works tirelessly to further the YWCA Greensboro cause. She is the current Chair of the YWCA Building Committee, overseeing the work for the new headquarters, and she also serves on the Executive Committee. Diop is also a member of the YWCA World Service Council. According to Kim, “The YWCA is about ‘every person’ – women, men who support women, and families. The YWCA has the foundation to impact whole communities.” To read more about Kim Diop and her YWCA story, visit ywcagsonc.wordpress.com

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