Chef Tim Grandinetti of Spring House Restaurant in Winston named King of Battledish

Chef Tim Grandinetti

The international winners of Battledish have been announced.  Drum roll please....

Winston-Salem's own Chef Tim Grandinetti of Spring House Restaurant, Kitchen and Bar is on the throne as KING OF BATTLEDISH!  Hooray!!! Chef Grandinetti, aka Doc Brownstone's, scores beat out other dishes in San Jose, San Diego, Rocherster and Kingston, ON as the Most Delicious Dish!  We are so happy and proud! 

Chef Tim's Surf & Turf of butter poached lobster on crabcake with filet alongside a nest of linguini with the herb crusted poached egg won the voters over here in Winston-Salem and they spoke loudly! 

Click here for results from Dishcrawl. If you want even more detail, the blog post is up with the results and our local winners.  

We look forward to seeing you at future Dishcrawl events! Check out our community page for a list of upcoming fun! 

Until we eat again!

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