Rockingham County Tourism Issues Statement on Coal Ash Spill on Dan River -The public is encouraged to enjoy river recreation on the upper sections of the Dan, the Mayo and the Smith Rivers in Rockingham County-

Wentworth, NC--The Rockingham County Tourism Development Authority certainly regrets the situation on the Dan River and we are concerned about the possible environmental impacts.  At this time, we do not know the full extent of the environmental impacts or the effects this will have on our aquatic life or river recreation in
Rockingham County.

We are confident that Duke Energy will do all that is necessary to fully-mitigate this accident.  Local, State and Federal environmental officials are working closely with Duke Energy to monitor the situation and we will follow any recommendations that will follow as a result of the investigation.

During this clean-up period, we would like to remind paddling, tubing and fishing enthusiasts that they are invited to experience the upper sections of the Dan River in Rockingham County above the spill.  These sections still offer many miles of great river recreational opportunities.   There are five public accesses available for put in and take out above the spill site and that equates to approximately 20 total miles of clean water for enjoyment.

We also have the Mayo and Smith rivers in Rockingham County for more river recreation opportunities.   There are public access points on both of these rivers as well.  

We are happy to provide copies of our Rockingham County Rivers Guide to anyone interested.  Just call our office at 336.342.8138 to request a copy or download a copy on our web

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