GCS Schools Open Tuesday, March 11

"Better do your homework, kids! All Guilford County Schools will be open on a regular schedule tomorrow, Tuesday, March 11.

GCS does not typically announce when schools are open, but we have heard from many families and staff who are still without power and are concerned about missing any school-schedule updates. Since this is an unusual situation, the district would like all families and staff to be aware schools will be open on a regular schedule.

The district’s priority today was addressing the most pressing safety, access, power and water issues. Now that these issues have been resolved and/or repairs are underway, we can start focusing more attention on removing debris from playgrounds and campuses. Given that half or more of our school campuses still have issues with broken bushes, tree limbs and other storm-related debris, we anticipate this work will continue throughout the week. We also will continue to monitor our schools and will make additional repairs as needed.

Please join us in thanking our maintenance teams for their herculean efforts. GCS crews have been working around the clock since the storm hit to clear debris, assess damage and repair issues across our schools."
From a release

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