FaithAction's Downtown Unity Walk for Immigration Reform downtown Greensboro

"The time is NOW for immigration reform - too many of our immigrant neighbors and friends are unnecessarily suffering from a broken immigration system, keeping many in the shadows and separated from the families they love.  Over 1,000 immigrants are deported every day - we care too much to remain silent.  We walk alongside neighbors of all cultures, nationalities, and religions - loving our neighbors as ourselves.  We hope Rep. Coble and President Obama will hear and act on our message - PLEASE help make fair and humane immigration reform a reality in 2014!
FaithAction International House mission is to serve and accompany thousands of new immigrants each year, while educating and connecting our diverse community across lines of culture and faith - turning strangers into neighbors!  Last month, Greensboro City Council passed a resolution honoring the 18 years of FaithAction, and made Greensboro the nation's first "Stranger to Neighbor City."  Over 300 people participated in last year's downtown unity walk.  Speakers this year include Emanuel Mejia Lopez, alongside religious leaders including Father Jack Timlin, Pastor Willie Costa, Rabbi Andy Koren, and Rev. Julie Peeples.  
Diverse participants will gather at FaithAction (705 N. Greene St.) at 4:30pm, and then begin walking at 5pm.  The 30 minute walk will head south on Green and Elm streets. The walk will stop at Feb 1st Place for brief drum circle and salsa dancing to celebrate our diversity, then end with an interfaith vigil at Government Plaza from 6-6:45pm. All participants will have the opportunity to take a picture at the end with a new neighbor next to large written letters that are addressed to Rep. Coble and President Obama.  
 Contact: Rev. David Fraccaro, Executive Director of FaithAction International House - 336-379-0037, ext 2#,"
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don honda said...

The LA Times recently posted an article that shows that the Obama administration, the Illegal Alien lobby, and the major media outlets have been in collusion to depict the "high" deportation numbers. The exact opposite is true since the beginning of the current President's policy. Interior deportation has and will be lower than 1973 rates. This is leading towards more people overstaying their visas and currently, more Illegal Alien minors crossing the border. Obama has just recently instructed border patrol to not turn back those Illegal Aliens on record as having entered illegally as priors, but to let them pass IF they don't have a major criminal record. After the first Illegal Entry, it is a felony each time thereafter.,0,545192,full.story#axzz2xkzioeHR