NeighborWoods “Right Plant, Right Place” Tree Planting Program Starts April 12

"Greensboro Beautiful and the City of Greensboro kick off their NeighborWoods “Right Plant, Right Place” tree planting pilot program at 10 am, Sat., April 12,  in the Westerwood and Southside neighborhoods.

“Right Plant, Right Place” is designed to help residents make responsible tree selections when planting in public rights-of-way. Trees are specially selected to enhance the beauty of Greensboro and avoid the need for drastic vegetation management by Duke Energy. The program’s first objective is to plant trees where ones have been removed on public rights-of-way as part of Duke Energy’s vegetation management work in the Westerwood and Southside neighborhoods. The City and Greensboro Beautiful have developed planting plans for each neighborhood working in conjunction with residents; and City staff will auger holes for residents to make it easy for them to help with the tree planting process. On planting day, the City will deliver trees and bags of mulch and neighborhood residents along with community volunteers will plant trees. The City will provide maintenance instructions to property owners and monitor the success of the planted trees.

The City and Greensboro Beautiful will replant larger trees in open spaces and park lands to maintain and grow the tree canopy. The “Right Plant, Right Place” program will help residents enhance their property in a way that does not conflict with existing power, cable, and telephone lines by providing residents with educational material on what plants to plant in the proper place.

This pilot program is a unique partnership between the City of Greensboro, Greensboro Beautiful, the NC Cooperative Extension Service, neighborhood residents, and community volunteers. The program is funded by a grant from UPS and private donations to Greensboro Beautiful’s Tree Fund."
A press release

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