Dishcrawl Winston-Salem Celebrate's the finalists from Fire in the Triad

"Fresh from an outstanding Fire in the Triad/ Got to Be NC’s Competition Dining Series, Dishcrawl Winston-Salem is doing things a little differently and celebrating the success of our Winston-Salem finalists!  It’s a Fire in the Triad Finalists Dishcrawl featuring four finalist chefs who showed the entire Triad why Winston-Salem is a city to be placed on the food map! 

Reservations are $45 per person and can be purchased at

“This Dishcrawl will be a bit different because typically we keep where we are visiting a secret,” says Winston-Salem Ambassador, Kristi Maier. “But, we’ll all know where we’re going because if you followed the series, you know who who placed where. The only thing our guests won’t know is what the order of restaurants will be and what we’ll be eating. “Allso, this time our guests will enjoy transportation to each location since not all of the restaurants are within a comfortable walking distance.”

Featured chefs and restaurants are:
Chef Kevin Reddick, Artisan Restaurant (quarterfinalist)
Chef Mark Grohman, Meridian (semifinalist)
Chef Tim Grandinetti, Spring House (semifinalist)
Chef Richard Miller, Graze Restaurant (runner-up/finalist)
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Dishcrawl creates dining experiences and events to satisfy anyone’s craving. Our mission is to show food lovers the best dishes in local restaurants.  You can find your local Dishcrawl Ambassador leading you through progressive dinners, prix fixe dinners, and other fun food events!  Dishcrawlers can enjoy dining experiences in Asheville, and Raleigh, as well as San Francisco, New York, Montreal, Ottawa, San Jose, Toronto, Philadelphia, DC, and the UK.  Visit for a local dining experience. "
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