Specialty Grocer’s Private Label Brand
Expands with Gluten-Free Offerings

"As more and more Americans are eliminating gluten from their diets for a variety of reasons, gluten-free foods have become a must for many shoppers at The Fresh Market. Whether cooking a family dinner, baking for a special occasion or having milk and cookies as a treat, customers living a gluten-free lifestyle can find just the right options from the specialty grocer’s gluten-free private label products.

Many gluten-free products are offered throughout The Fresh Market’s stores, and can be easily found thanks to easy-to-spot shelf tags denoting “GLUTEN-FREE.”  In addition, the specialty grocer has added a number of new gluten-free items to its ever expanding selection of private brand products. From baking mixes to bread crumbs, all of the specialty grocer’s gluten-free private label products are rigorously tested to ensure they meet FDA criteria.

TFM Gluten-Free Baking Mixes
Baking can often times be the most difficult form of cooking when practicing a gluten-free lifestyle. The Fresh Market’s Gluten-Free Baking Mixes are made to make baking easier for those who still want to enjoy a delicious treat. Choose from several varieties including Chocolate Chip Cookie, Sugar Cookie, Chocolate Brownie, Vanilla Cake and Chocolate Cake.

Gluten-Free Irresistibly Good Chocolate Chip Cookies
Those who prefer a thin and crispy cookie will love The Fresh Market’s Gluten-Free Irresistibly Good Chocolate Chip Cookies. Made with rich creamery butter, dark brown sugar and a generous helping of semi-sweet chocolate chips, they are the perfect mix of crunch, decadent and sweet.

Gluten-Free Breadcrumbs
The Fresh Market’s Gluten-Free Breadcrumbs contain all of the toasted flavor desired, without the gluten. These breadcrumbs are perfect as a coating for chicken, topping for side dishes or part of a meatball mixture.

Gluten-Free Pizza
The Fresh Market’s Gluten-Free Pizzas will fool even the most skeptical gluten-free pizza lovers. Featuring crust made from tapioca and rice flour, these delicious pizzas are available in Cheese or Pepperoni. The pepperoni variety is made with uncured pepperoni, with no added nitrates or nitrates, so shoppers can feel good about what they’re eating. This Italian favorite is recognized by the Celiac Spruce Association and meets its strict standards for gluten-free foods.

About The Fresh Market, Inc.

Founded in 1982, The Fresh Market, Inc. is a specialty grocery retailer focused on providing high-quality products in a unique and inviting atmosphere with a high level of customer service. The company currently operates 158 stores in 26 states across the U.S.  The Fresh Market is an equal opportunity employer.  For more information, please visit"
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