Guilford College, New Garden Friends School Collaboration to Benefit Families at Both Institutions

"New Garden Friends School students will pay reduced tuition for courses at Guilford College, and the children of Guilford employees will receive a tuition discount at NGFS, under a new agreement between the two institutions.
NGFS, an independent school offering preschool through 12th grade, is guided by Quaker faith and practice. Guilford was founded by Quakers.

“This collaboration makes great sense for both of us,” said Guilford President Kent Chabotar. “Both schools are committed to the value and strength of Quaker education, and we are pooling resources to benefit our students. The diversity of both institutions will provide a wonderful opportunity for added dialogue and understanding in addition to promoting opportunities for Quaker education among our own faculty and staff.”

NGFS Head of School Ari Betof noted, “The roots of our school started with the inspiration of Bruce Stewart and Jim Newlin while they were at Guilford College. Through the years, Guilford College and NGFS have looked for opportunities to collaborate in ways that benefit both of our communities. This new agreement continues to build upon the strength of that partnership.”

NGFS juniors and seniors who qualify will be able to take courses at Guilford for college credit under a plan coordinated by the Office of the Academic Dean at Guilford. These classes will provide advanced subject matter and greater curricular depth while allowing students to receive dual credit. In addition to New Garden’s own rigorous curriculum, Guilford courses will help prepare NGFS students to succeed in a vibrant college learning environment.

There is also a joint commitment to encourage more NGFS graduates to enroll at Guilford, and to encourage more Guilford faculty and staff to explore the options for their children at New Garden.

The College already enrolls public high school students through The Early College at Guilford, which was established in 2002. In 2012, Guilford entered into an agreement with American Hebrew Academy that allows Hebrew Academy students to take courses at Guilford, and allows Guilford student-athletes to use the Hebrew Academy’s first-rate track and swimming facilities. New Garden students have taken courses at Guilford in recent years, but the new agreement will solidify this partnership.

Guilford faculty and staff will have the opportunity to apply for their students’ enrollment at New Garden at a reduced tuition rate. Guilford employees have often chosen NGFS as the best fit for their students. The new tuition structure will make New Garden even more attractive.

“Our hope is that this agreement makes an NGFS education even more accessible to Guilford College families,” said Betof, a Guilford alumnus. “As a Friends school with such close ties to Guilford, we want to ensure that an NGFS education is a viable opportunity for the children of all Guilford employees.”"
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