Greensboro resident Will Powell has won the Reebok CrossFit Games “Fittest Man On Earth” in the Masters Men 50–54 division played last week in Carson, California. The competition began months ago with an open challenge, where (2000) athletes in each division competed from across the globe. It came to a dramatic conclusion last week as the (20) finalists in each age group fought it out in (8) grueling events over (3) days. Powell took the top title on points after placing in the top ten in every
event, including (2) third place and (1) 1st place finish.

The victory is especially sweet for Powell for several reasons. First, he barely missed placing in the top three in last year’s event after having only trained in CrossFit for eight months. The second reason is that Will tore a ligament in his wrist just a few months ago. The variable CrossFit, which can include anything from Olympic Weightlifting to Sled Drags, can be especially hard on the hands and wrists. “ After my injury, I was trying to find a balance between healing properly and keeping my fitness to a level where I could still compete,” confesses Will in The Fitness Zone, his personal training gym in Greensboro.

The injury caused special concern when competitors were asked to walk on their hands for Max Distance. “My coach Ben Gleason and I worked on it that Saturday in California to see how much my wrist could take,” adds Powell. If it wasn’t pure grit that put him over the top, it was strategy. “Last year I did not have the knowledge of the strategy involved in the game that I had this year. I knew that I didn't need to win every event to win it all on points,” concludes Powell, “so I entered each event wanting to place high, but not necessarily first.” The strategy paid off, as Powell brought home the top prize.

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