“Screaming in Digital” works by local artists Jon Epstein and Kim Thore

"FRESH Productions is pleased to announce “Screaming in Digital” works by local artists Jon Epstein and Kim Thore which will be shown at The Anne Rudd Galyon and Irene Cullis Galleries located in Cowan Humanities Building on College Place on the Greensboro College campus Oct 3-October 31, 2014. 

The collection of digital prints highlight both Epstein and Thore’s fascination with cultural icons, societal norms and perceived realities. Epstein explores music legends such as Coltrane, Miles Davis and world events while Thore explores images of starlets, models, beauty images coupled with mass media that sends contradictory messages. 

Jon Epstein is a professor of Sociology, social activist, graphic artist and musician. His partnership with artist and graphic designer Pat Lichty (of Haymarket Riot fame) created one of the first socially accepted “memes” and digital images and videos that were the pre-cursor to cultural animation and were shown on Mtv’s “Out from the Underground”. Oxford’s Encyclopedia of Sociology, called it the first truly post modern sociology. (The videos were Machine, a trilogy, Web and Convergence which is in production now) 

Kim Thore is a Marketing Director, writer, artist and cultural commentator. She began studying drawing at the age of 8 and continued through college culminating in a portfolio of mixed media and sculpture. In 2013 she and Epstein appeared in the “Under the Gun” exhibit, but a flood destroyed the majority of her portfolio in January 2014 and she began again but with a renewed focus on digital art. She recently debuted a new collection "Lips Like Sugar" at Inter_Section Gallery and Art Space. The show was held over twice due to popular demand and she was tapped by Sawtooth Center for Visual Design to teach her techniques during a workshop to be held October 25, 2014. 

Both Epstein and Thore will be showing recent and new works."

- A Press Release 

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