Photobiz & Geeksboro to host New Media community art project as part of 17Days

"Photobiz, ArtsGreensboro and Geeksboro Coffeehouse Cinema invite photographers of all ages and skill levels to take 17 photos in 17 days!

17 [photos] x 17 [days] is an inclusive, interactive community arts project that will establish a refreshing “New Media” spin on ArtsGreensboro’s 17Days Arts & Culture Festival, which will take place between September 19 through October 5.

17 x 17 is a subjective photo scavenger hunt intended to inspire creativity from visual artists of all ages and skill levels. From September 18 - October 4, participants will receive unique conceptual photo prompts for each day of the project. They can then take photographs inspired by the prompts and upload them to the project’s website ( where they can be voted on by audiences around the world via social media. The photographs that receive the most “votes” for each day will be selected for a special gallery show at Geeksboro (2134 Lawndale Drive) on Saturday, November 8.

According to Geeksboro owner Joe Scott, 17 x 17 was created after a series of meetings with Photobiz that were arranged by ArtsGreensboro.

“I was immediately impressed by Photobiz’s desire to conceptualize an arts project that empowers everyone in our community to become a participating artist in 17Days,” Scott says. “17 x 17 marks a huge opportunity for our community in terms of the democratization of arts and media.”

Right now, project coordinators are reaching out to local arts educators, media organizations and other arts organizations as a way of  boosting participation in 17 x 17.  During the event, participants can find the daily photo prompts posted on the official 17 x 17 website ( Twitter page, and Tumblr address . The prompts will also appear in physical locations, including Geeksboro and M’coul’s Public House on 110 West McGee Street.

For more information, please contact"

- A Press Release

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