Downtown Business Owners Collaborate with Downtown Greensboro Inc. to Launch New "Let's" Campaign

"Downtown Greensboro, Inc., in collaboration with downtown businesses and Qub, will be launching its new awareness campaign, “Let’s”, designed to refresh and evolve downtown Greensboro’s image. The proposed campaign will communicate a cool, cosmopolitan, and vibrant urban center destined to attract, re-engage and retain participants.          

The first incarnation will be focusing on “Play” and will celebrate local dining, entertainment, culture, and retail in downtown Greensboro. The campaign will use psychographics instead of demographics and will highlight generational and ethnic diversity while promoting local businesses including restaurants, museums, galleries and shops.
Various downtown businesses have donated the majority of their services to create, produce and execute this campaign. These businesses include Qub, Ink Photography Productions, Locke Management and Salon Medusa.

“It’s time for Greensboro to have confidence in itself,” says Eric Robert, owner of Qub and project lead on the campaign. “The time has come for us to stop trying to emulate other cities and finally realize that we can be cool on our own terms. We have a lot to offer and it is imperative for us to raise our production value and overall creativity to support the large investments currently underway in our center city.” 

Jason Cannon, President & CEO of Downtown Greensboro, Inc., said:  “DGI is excited to be bring Downtown a new brand identity that speaks to all the things that make our Center City a great place for entertainment and leisure. We envision this new marketing package to be a unique visual showcase of Downtown Greensboro’s strengths.”  
The campaign is set to launch locally via social media and area publications later this year before launching statewide. Robert hopes to be able to create future iterations of the campaign, which will emphasize downtown’s other unique attributes."

- A Press Release

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