Hunger Games and Crop Walk Raise Donations for Greensboro Urban Ministry

The student-organized event raised $1,971 and food for charity

"Students at Brown Summit Middle raised $1,971 through their Crop Walk and Hunger Games fundraiser Friday. The money and food will be donated to Greensboro Urban Ministry.

In addition to the fundraiser, students organized Hunger Games throughout the day, a series of events designed to highlight the challenges of homelessness and those living in third-world countries. The stations included grinding corn to understand how difficult it can be to have to make your food from scratch, water transport to remind them that many people have to travel to reach water and much more. They also packaged some of the donated food into snack packs for Urban Ministries.

This is the second year the students organized the Hunger Games events.

“We had the crop walk, but we wanted to do more,” explains Anika Ruppell, one of the seven student organizers. “This is such an important issue, and we wanted to draw more attention to it.”

Madeline Gillis, Samantha Gillis, Abby Hall, Avery Hobbs, Trey Thurman and Jada Willse also worked to organize the events and to secure a $500 grant to fund this year’s activities."

- A Press Release

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