Club Owners Enhance Security by Training Guards

"Twenty employees from eight downtown entertainment facilities will receive state certification as security guards this weekend in a joint effort by club owners and the Greensboro Police Department to enhance the safety of club patrons.

The 16-hour certification course meets the regulatory requirements of NC GS 74C, which governs the licensing of private protective services. The training will be held at the Koury Convention Center Hospitality Center Nov. 8-9 from 9 am to 6 pm both days. It is not open to the public.

The instructor for the training is Mr. John Callicutt, who is regulated and licensed by the North Carolina Private Protective Services Board, the government agency that establishes and regulates training for private security professionals. Training topics include: legal issues for security officers, deportment, communications, and emergency response.

The effort to augment the skills of the club’s security personnel is the result of several discussions between entertainment facility owners and senior leaders of the GDP. Among the businessmen interested in creating a more pleasant experience for guests is Mr. Rocky Scarfone, who owns or operates multiple venues throughout the city.

“I am happy to offer this opportunity for people who perform security work to receive education and certification from a State authorized instructor” said Scarfone. “The class will help make our downtown area and other venues safer and more entertaining. I appreciate the work of the Greensboro Police Department in helping bring together this public private partnership to offer this two day security class.”

Participating clubs owners voluntarily entered their employees into the training program. “This certification, along with our on-going partnership with club owners is another example of how working together promotes positive change in our city,” said Deputy Chief James E. Hinson, Jr.

Participating establishments are:
·         Club Dreamz
·         Club Inferno
·         Empire Room
·         Greene Street Bar
·         Ham’s Restaurant
·         Limelight Entertainment
·         Lotus Lounge
·         Tavo Restaurant

To be eligible for the certification, employees must pass a background check and successfully complete an examination following the training.

Upon successfully completing the course, the guards will receive a certificate. The guards will NOT be licensed by the State as a result of this training.

The guards will not be armed."

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