Local Document Storage & Shredding Company Offers Great Fundraising Option

"Winston-Salem’s own full-service document storage and shredding company, Archive Information Management (AIM) is offering a great program for schools, churches and other area organizations interested in fundraising, or for offices wishing to offer a useful company perk to employees.

The company, based out of a reclaimed warehouse space downtown on Ivy Avenue, is selling fully-recyclable and sealable document shred bags that can be sold to fundraising participants and then returned to the organization or company on a designated shred day and confidentially destroyed on-site.  The bags, which come in roughly 10 and 15 gallon sizes, are available to the organization for under $10 each.  The price that they are sold to the participants for is left up to the organization itself.

Groups buy only as many bags as they sell, so there is no excess spending done by the organization.  AIM does the rest – they provide an on-site shred truck and employees on the designated drop-off date.  Full, sealed bags are put into the shredder immediately and confidential documents are properly destroyed, helping to prevent America’s fastest growing crime – identity theft.

“This is a great way for groups to provide a very useful service to members and supporters,” said Kris Keiser, Sr., President of AIM.  “We had a school recently tell us that they were glad to have no excess chocolate to sell or car washes to run.  They sold the bags and we did the rest.  We can even run the drop-off as part of a carpool line.”

For more information on AIM and to learn more about hosting a shred bag fundraiser, please call 336-725-8811 or visit archiveim.com.

About Archive Information Management, Inc.
Archive Information Management, Inc. (AIM) is a locally owned and operated full-service information management company.  Our employees have more than 40 years combined experience in the records storage and shredding industries.  AIM’s driving business principle is clearly focused on providing outstanding customer service, both off-site and at our highly secure storage facility.  When you call AIM, the phone isn’t answered by a person in a remote city – it’s answered by a local customer service representative who is ready to assist you."

- A Press Release

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