Mayor Issues Statement Regarding Assault: NOT A HATE CRIME

"GREENSBORO, NC (November 13, 2014) – Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan has issued a statement concerning an assault that occurred at the Battleground Inn on Sunday, November 9. At this time, the Greensboro Police Department has investigated the incident and determined it is not a hate crime.

In response to community concerns about the incident, Vaughan has released the following:
“The Greensboro Police Department is working diligently to investigate this crime and while reports indicate this is not a LGBT hate-related crime, any violent crime is tragic and unacceptable. I understand the concerns of the residents of Greensboro, including the LGBT community. Greensboro prides itself on being an inclusive community that shows respect, compassion and understanding to everyone and Greensboro City Council is firmly committed to ensuring the city is safe and welcoming for residents and visitors alike. I encourage everyone to join me in keeping the victim and his family in our thoughts.”  "

- A Press Release

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