Extra Police On Duty New Year’s Eve to Promote Safe Celebrations

"GREENSBORO, NC (December 29, 2014) –Additional police officers will be in the downtown area Wednesday night to encourage revelers to welcome in the New Year safely.
            “Downtown is a great place to celebrate the start of 2015, and we are expecting large crowds” said Lieutenant Kevin Moore, Event Commander for New Year’s Eve. “We want to make sure that people who visit our central business district have an enjoyable evening, and that everyone celebrates responsibly.”
            Uniformed officers on Segways, bikes, foot, and in marked and unmarked vehicles will be patrolling the area to maintain the peace, and assist people when needed.
            “Safety is our number one priority,” stressed Moore. “We are there to prevent people from getting into harm’s way. We will be paying special attention to folks who may be unfit to operate a motor vehicle.” 

Police are encouraging people throughout the city to celebrate responsibly by having a plan to get home safely before heading out to party and certainly before consuming alcohol. “And, take care of each other,” advised Moore. “If your buddy has had too much to drink, don’t let him drive. Everyone plays a role in keeping our city safe.” "

- A Press Release

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