60's Sit-In organizer talks with New Garden Friends School students

New Garden Friends School 3rd and 4th Grade students have a
special visit from Mary Lou Andrews Blakeney –
an early pioneer in non-violent civil rights in High Point
"Mary Lou Andrews Blakeny, then  a 15-year-old student at the all-black William Penn High School, organized the first sit in in the country involving High School students at the Woolworth’s lunch counter in High Point in 1960. The sit-ins resulted in the eventual integration of the lunch counters throughout the city as well as other establishments. In addition, they were instrumental in forming one of the first ever Human Relations Commissions in the city to deal with racial strife.

Mary Lou visited with students in the third and fourth grade classrooms of New Garden Friends School to share her story with students. In her discussion with the students, Mary Lou stressed the non-violent aspect of their efforts and how they were committed to peacefully dealing with the hatred that was expressed towards them She also encouraged the students to speak up when they experienced something they knew wasn’t right or fair and not to let it go unnoticed."

- A Press Release

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