Lowes Foods Manager Awarded Store “Mini Makeover” in Competition

Greensboro Store Unveils
Changes at March 28 Reopening

"GREENSBORO, N.C.  - Taking a page from reality shows, Lowes Foods held a competition last fall among its managers with a prize of a “mini makeover” for the winning manager’s store.  Brian Loye, manager of the Lowes Foods at 243 North Church Street in Greensboro, was a winner of the competition.  The updates have been completed at his store, which will celebrate with a reopening ceremony on Saturday, March 28 at 11 a.m.

To enter the contest, store managers presented their ideas for store upgrades to a panel from Lowes Foods that included Lowes Foods president Tim Lowe. 

“Our store managers frequently come to us with great ideas for improving the customer shopping experience at their stores,” Lowe said.  “We decided to have a little fun by having a contest among our managers to hear their ideas for store improvements.  The panel was blown away by the incredible enthusiasm of our store managers and the great ideas they presented.”

“We were particularly impressed by the ideas presented by Brian Loye for Greensboro’s North Church Street store,” he said.  “Brian really knows his guests and what the area needs.” 

“I was thrilled to hear the news that my Greensboro store was selected by the panel for one of the makeovers,” Loye said.  “I think shoppers are going to love the changes that were made to our store during the past few weeks.  In addition to the upgrades, our store now has the new Lowes Foods branding that has been rolled out at other stores that have received major remodeling.”

“One of my favorite additions to our store is the new Pick & Prep area.  It’s like having your own personal sous chef,” Loye said.  “Shoppers select their fruits or vegetables from our produce department.  Next, the Pick & Prep hosts dice, mince or cube them—however they are needed for recipes or snacks.  Cooks can even customize their mix of Pick & Prep items for a recipe or pick up a prepared selection.”

Loye said the store’s Beer Den features a craft beer collection, including several locally brewed beers. Guests can purchase 64-ounce growlers and then have them filled with craft beers direct from the Beer Den’s tap.  The Beer Den also offers hundreds of craft beer bottles, including the ability for shoppers to create their own favorite six packs.

Another addition to the North Church Street store is Lowes Foods’ unique Pizzanini & Family, which features fresh, made-to-order pizzas that can be served hot from the store or taken home to bake.  Lowes Foods also offers paninis that can be made to order throughout the day with Boar’s Head meats, cheeses and fresh produce.

In addition to its Greensboro North Church Street store, Lowes Foods is completing mini makeovers at its Burlington University Drive store, which also reopens on March 28, and in Boone, Chapel Hill and Hickory.

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