Holocaust survivor Hank Brodt speaks to students

Hank greets NGFS junior Alfred Purrington after the presentation.
"Polish Holocaust survivor Hank Brodt spoke to NGFS students in grades 7-12 today as a special speaker during Meeting for Worship.
Brodt, 90, who now lives in High Point, is a native of Boryslaw, Poland. As a teenager from 1943 to 1945, Brodt survived five Nazi prison camps and a forced labor camp. Toward the end of World War II, he was forced along with other camp survivors on a death march for three days and nights without food or water. He was liberated on May 6, 1945, by the troops of the U.S. 80th Infantry Division.
After the war, Brodt testified during the trials of accused Nazi war criminals in 1946 in Dachau, Germany, and again in 1967 in Bremerhaven, Germany. In 1949, he immigrated to the United States with the help of a soldier who had befriended him and sent him the necessary paperwork. In 1950, he was drafted into the U.S. Army and stationed, ironically, in Germany, where he married his first wife in 1952. She died in 1978 and he remained single for more than two decades before marrying his current wife, Aida, in 2000. Brodt recently returned from his ninth “March of the Living” experience with pilgrimage visits to Auschwitz and Israel.

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- A Press Release

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