Scot Sanborn, Proprietor announces Grand Opening of Sutler’s Spirit Company as well as the release of their first product.

"On Saturday, April 25 Sutler’s will hold its grand opening celebration from 5:00  to 8:00 PM at the West End Mill Works Building at 840 Mill Works Street, Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  It will be kicked off with a ribbon cutting followed by the presentation Sutler’s Gin Release.  There will be a pig picking by Krankies and The Porch.  There will be distillery tours and tastings. Three bands: Jack Rabbit and Friends, Wake Robin and Kasey Horton and Laila Nur will provide entertainment for the party. 

Sutler's Gin is made by vapor infusing their unique blend of 8 botanicals.  Juniper has been toned down. Juniper can create what people call the "piney" flavor.   There are subtle citrus notes with a slightly sweet finish that at 94 proof will punch through in a gin and tonic.  It is a very approachable gin that inexperienced gin drinkers and those that love gin will appreciate. 

Another unique feature that sets Sutler’s apart is the vintage style ceramic bottle that is similar to those used by Sutler's in the 1700 and1800's.  Historically true to the Sutler, true to the Sutler’s brand.  The bottles are matte black ceramic with gold lettering topped with a vintage style cork.

During the American Revolution and Civil War soldiers who were thirsty for an occasional libation relied on Sutlers—traveling merchants who followed armies from battlefield to battlefield. When the troops found a place to fight, Sutlers gave them a place to drink.

In the 200 years since, the people of Winston-Salem haven’t had a Sutler or even a distillery to call their own. That is, until now. Sutler’s Spirit Co exists to craft spirits that are as distinct as the city we call home. Spirits made the old-fashioned way, with locally-sourced ingredients and recipes that are wholly original."

- Submitted by Allen Broach

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