Dance from Above celebrates 10th party tonight at The Crown

By Rebecca Harrelson

Dance From Above (DFA) will be celebrating its 10th dance party tonight in The Crown at The Carolina Theatre in Greensboro.  DFA is known for its nonjudgmental, clean safe dance parties. Jack Bonney, one of the DFA founding members, spoke about the movement forward after the first event in June 2014.

“We took a break for December-February and then brought it back with a real marketing campaign in March with Free the Robots as the headliner,” said Bonney.  “We created a website linked in to all the social media outlets and developed a logo.  John Carey, one of our resident DJ's now (Fiftyfootshadows), has a strong graphic design background and developed all of the marketing.”

With each event growing bigger and better, some really great dance parties are taking place.
“We have July and August booked already and are planning a possible outdoor event in September.” said Bonney.  “We are still working on this and details are still being finalized, but that one could be special.”

Tonight’s show will consist of Marley Carroll, the very first DJ Dance From Above booked, and new to the DFA stage Body Games.

Excited about coming back for a repeat performance Carroll said, “It didn't take much convincing to keep me involved with DFA after that first experience. The hospitality, crowd response, setting, and visual engagement were all on-point. It was clear to me from the jump that this was a very special group of people trying in earnest to create something really cool, and succeeding.”

Body Games consists of three members, Kate, Dax and Adam. Dax and Adam are both from Greensboro, and Kate is from Raleigh.

“It’ll be exciting to perform in the city where two of us met. On top of that, DFA is such an awesome event as it is and we’ve been talking about playing it for months now.”

DFA is creating a whole new original scene in the market and has re-invigorated the Greensboro electronic/dance music scene by bringing in forward-thinking regional and national acts and curating them in a format that is unlike anything else happening in the area.

“It really does feel global in its scope and ambition,” said the members of Body Games. “Developing a community and family around this kind of scene only helps to benefit and lift up all artists in the area, and we’re thrilled to be a part of it.”

Dance from Above is held monthly in The Crown at the Carolina Theater, 310 S. Greene St., in Greensboro. The event starts at 9pm with a $10 admission fee.

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