Welcome to NC Cuddles! A business that Cuddles you when you need it

A new business has opened in Kernersville that offers you a way to feel special and loved when you need it the most.
NC Cuddles, located at 118-B South Cherry St. in Kernersville, had their Grand Opening today and pictured are some of the happening.

"We are in a world where it is, accepted and likely, that the only communication we get with others is through computers, phones, or television.  We all need to have the comfort of physical contact and companionship.
Life’s not always fair or kind for people with disabilities, a history of abuse or traumatic experiences. Are you afraid of judgement or ridicule for sharing you pain? Are you experiencing life to its fullest? This is something NCCUDDLES will help you change! We allow you to connect with another human, on an emotional and physical level, with ZERO chance of rejection.
Like the attention you get in pet therapy, NCCUDDLES will provide a judgement free, pity free, and unconditional acceptance on a human level.
We welcome males and females of all ages and nationalities. We also welcome children with emotional disconnection (parental attendance required)  and elderly persons, whom are even in nursing homes or hospice.
All people need to feel like they are not ALONE.
There  are physiological benefits which may include lowered blood pressure as well as increased levels of serotonin and oxytocin in the brain. Touch also reduces the level of cortisol, essentially the “stress” hormone.
Emotionally, touch helps us feel connected to one another. We need to feel Connected, Appreciated, Respected and Unconditionally, Platonically loved. We also need to feel Accepted and touch has the power to do all of this for us!
Why hire someone to cuddle?
It’s easy! We have the time you do not have. If your loved one is in a nursing home, the hospital, or even hospice, and you have life needs to handle, we can be there! They will not have to be alone.
It has been medically determined that a person in a coma can hear and feel. Wouldn’t you like your loved one to have a hand to hold.. someone to talk with them, read to them?
If you are alone in life, noone to talk to, to turn to, to lean on and just want to feel a warm embrace, let us be there for you!"
- From http://www.nccuddles.com/

NC Cuddles
Phone Office: (336) 497-5858
Phone Text Preferred: (336) 830-9007
118-B South Cherry St.
Kernersville, NC 27284

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