RED Cinemas Unveils renovations: A Q&A

Renovations at RED Cinemas

"When we took over the theater, our goal was to make it seem as though it was completely new. Over the past year we have put in flooring, completely remodeled the restrooms, rebranded with a new color scheme, added new furniture for the lobby and the bistro, as well as upgraded our content management system and video and audio quality within the theaters. 

Our newest, and biggest renovation project, is our theater seating. We are working on upgrading all of our seating to fully powered, luxury recliners. Our new recliners have so many unique qualities to make going to RED Cinemas the ultimate luxury experience, such as: 

•Fully Powered Recliner 
•Clean Sweep Technology to make cleaning the seats and theater much easier 
•Created a Custom Design with Telescopic Seating Systems 
•Modular seating for easier repairs 
•Higher Quality Cushions made from Polyurethane Foam 
•The closer the seats are to the screen, the further they recline, to make your watching experience more comfortable 
•Custom RED fabric and stitching to compliment our aesthetic 
•Ability to select and reserve the exact seats you would like for your movie upon check-in

What exactly are you changing in terms of individual theater renovations? 

We are replacing our current seating with fully powered luxury recliners. In addition to new seating, we are replacing the flooring with high quality, slip resistant, wood flooring to create a clean, modern look. We are replacing the wall coverings with black and red acoustical coverings, to match our aesthetic as well as eliminate any bouncing of sound. We are also upgrading all of the lighting within each individual theater. 

What is the process of replacing the seating? 

In order to upgrade to the luxury recliners, we have had to take out every other row of seating to fully accommodate the recliner as well as leave comfortable spacing. Each recliner is about as wide as 2 of the existing seats. 

What are all the benefits from upgrading to luxury recliners? 

With upgrading to luxury recliners, each individual with have a better, unobstructed view. Each row of seating will be significantly higher than the row below them, so no one has to worry about someone else’s head being in the way. Each individual will have plenty of legroom, and with these super comfortable seats, you will be able to fully recline to your maximum comfort level. If going to theaters makes you uncomfortable because you feel as though you don’t have enough personal space; RED cinemas will be perfect for you, as sitting in our new recliners will feel as though you’re relaxing in the comfort of your own home. 

How much did it cost to upgrade to luxury seating? 

Each recliner cost roughly $3,500. 

Will movie tickets still be affordable? 

Most definitely! To see a movie with luxury reclining seating at RED Cinemas it will only be $3 more than the normal price you pay for your movie ticket. We are working towards creating an awesome rewards program, so keep your eye out for more updates in the near future! 

How do we decide where to sit with the luxury seating? 

As of right now, when you arrive at the theater to purchase your ticket, you will have the chance to select your seat on an ipad after ticket purchase. Aisles and seats are numbered so that you will have no problem finding your seat once entering the theater. Online seat selection is coming soon."

- From a Release

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