Transgender Superhero and Triad Comic store take on HB2 in September

"Winston-Salem, NC -- This September, a transgender Superhero will join the fight against North Carolina’s discriminatory ‘Bathroom Bill.’

Triad-based comic shop Ssalefish Comics has commissioned an exclusive edition of Alters #1, the first issue of a brand new comic book series published by AfterShock Comics written by Paul Jenkins (Wolverine, Hellblazer) and illustrated by Leila Leiz. This exclusive, limited edition comic book features a special cover drawn by Richard Case wherein costumed transgender vigilante Chalice makes a bold stance against North Carolina’s HB2, by ripping down the gendered bathroom signs in front of a public restroom and replacing them with unisex bathroom signs.

Ssalefish will debut the exclusive edition of Alters #1 at their Winston-Salem store during a special signing event at 12-3pm. on Sat., Sept. 17. Jenkins and Case will be there to sign copies of the book and answer questions from fans. 

Bret Parks, owner of Ssalefish Comics, says his store will donate 10% proceeds from the sale of the book to Equality NC to aid in their real-world fight against HB2.

A North Carolina native, Parks believes HB2’s targeted discrimination against the LGBTQ community has made a negative impact for entrepreneurs across the state. And while he seldom mixes politics with business, this was one instance where a public response was necessary.

“I felt a bit helpless until Aftershock Comics and Paul Jenkins requested a conference call with me to discuss Paul's new book Alters,” Parks said. “ I believe I can show my support for ENC and take a jab at HB2 but in a way that still allows readers to enjoy Alters as a great story with a unique cover!”

Since Alters was first announced in June, the book began generating national headlines in the New York Times, NBC News and CBS News for challenging readers with an unconventional superheroine in a genre that was once dominated by less-than-diverse cis white male superheroes like Iron Man or Batman. Like many of her superpowered peers, Chalice has the power to fly. But rather than hide one secret identity from her friends and peers, she must maintain two. 

Outside of her life as a costumed superhero, Chalice is also Charlie Young, a male college student who is beginning to transition to a female, a secret she has yet to share with her family.

Copies of Ssalefish Comics’ exclusive edition of Alters #1 are available for $10 each, and signed editions of the book can be pre-ordered at

Ssalefish Comics is located on 3242 Silas Creek Parkway in Winston-Salem. You can also visit their website at"

- A Press Release

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