Greensboro Primary '07: Greg Woodard

The following is City Council At-Large candidate Greg Woodard's complete response to our survey. Click here for the list of questions.

Greg Woodard
• Date of birth: March 18, 1961
• Professional background: Retired, US Army/Navy, 23 years
• Previous political experience: Ran for District 1, 2003 and 2001
• Highest level of education: 12th grade, South Glens Senior High School
• Website:

1. No./ Yes, require in addition solar power, wind power, geo-radiant heating and cooling, for its buildings, the use of electric vehicles inside the city and hybrids for distance. (29)
2. 1) Bus service, 2) bicycle facilities, 3) light rail, and 4) new roads. Bus service: increase in population, traffic congestion, fuel cost and smog, the city must offer a better way for mobility. 2. Bicycle facilities: Bike lanes and trails help reduce traffic congestion and smog, and provide a bonus by keeping us fit and trim. 3. Light rail: people moving from city to city, reduce traffic congestion, less fuel demands and reduction in smog. 4 New roads: infrastructure: Take care of what we have now before adding new roads. (91)
3. Educate our workers, expand and assist entrepreneurship, use incentives for technical and specialty fields, diversify our industries, and invest in the green environment industry. (25)
4. Yes./ What benefit will the citizens receive? Number of jobs, pay, tax cuts, location, land use, EPA concerns and impact, pollution, quality of life, cost to job ratio, to name a few. (33)
5. Infrastructure, incentives, education, partnerships…. (5)
6. No./ The economy cannot support such an increase right now. It would put an undue burden on small business employers and more taxes on employees. NC rate was at $5.15, then in January it was raised to $6.15, and next year it will go to $6.55 nationally. Cost of products needs to be reevaluated to bring down the greed factor. How much the market can bear, compared to what is a fair-market value. (74)
7. No, I am against urban sprawl. We need to infill before expanding. We are unable to support/ maintain what infrastructure we have (police, fire, water and sewer, solid waste, busing, etc.). (32)
8. Yes, for regional transportation, industrial, parks and recreation, and solid waste. (12)
9. I do not have all the facts and therefore cannot comment. But I will say I support Tim Bellamy. He seems to be very qualified and is doing an outstanding job being our police chief. (36)
10. Yes, sometimes a subpoena is the only way to the truth. (12)

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