Greensboro Primary '07: Marikay Abuzuaiter

The following is City Council At-Large candidate Marikay Abuzuaiter's complete response to our survey. Click here for the list of questions.

Marikay Abuzuaiter
• Date of birth: July 2, 1954
• Professional background: Owner, Mahi’s Seafood Restaurant
• Previous political experience: None
• Highest level of education: Bachelor’s degree, Greensboro College
• Website:

1. Greensboro should be proactive instead of reactive in reducing excess levels of smog and particulate pollution. I do not believe we are doing enough to curb air pollution in Greensboro, but most citizens are aware of the need to reduce emissions. The Early Action Compact is to reduce air pollution at least two years earlier than required by the Clean Air Act, so I would not suggest any changes to the compact at this time. (76)
2. First: Increased bus service. While Greensboro has had great success with the HEAT (college student bus routes) and PART (the regional bus service), I believe we need to find innovative ways to garner the same success with our routes throughout Greensboro. Unfortunately, there is the misconception that only lower-income residents use the bus service in Greensboro. I believe that bus transportation could be “marketed” to all citizens in much the same way as HEAT and PART. Second: I am not sure we need new roads, but I am positive that we need to maintain and repair our current roads. Third: Bicycle facilities are important for those who are able to commute to and from work. Fourth: Light rail — I understand that other municipalities are having difficulty with enormous cost projections on light rail although I feel that it should be considered at some point. (145)
3. Greensboro must find ways to market itself as an attractive, safe, well-maintained city in order to attract new and different kinds of businesses. I must state here that I find it difficult at this time to consider ways to attract new forms of business until we can find a way to solve our water dilemma (drought and Randleman Dam issues) and lack of security (police needs). (67)
4. Economic incentives are an extremely touchy issue in this campaign. I cannot say that I totally support the use of economic incentives, but that I am open to listening to each individual request as it arises. I would certainly want to know how many local employers would be hired, what the company would contribute to the community and would it be willing to locate in an area of Greensboro that is sorely in need of jobs and exposure. (79)
5. With the loss of so many manufacturing jobs in the last several years, I would like to see the economic development bond that was voted on and passed by the citizens of Greensboro be used in all geographical areas of Greensboro. Many areas of Greensboro could benefit from infill development. Those economic development funds could be used to entice businesses into those areas. (64)
6. Yes. I also believe that there are many businesses, if researched, that are already paying this wage. (18)
7. Greensboro must be very careful in expanding its geographic footprint. Without enough services (i.e. water and sewer, police protection), I find it difficult at this time to pursue expanding Greensboro’s geographic footprint. (33)
8. At this time I have not been able to find enough information on the Heart of the Triad concept to make an informed decision. I do believe, however, that regional cooperation is a major factor in the future of Greensboro and surrounding municipalities. Whether municipalities can come together and agree on combining resources is another matter altogether as evidenced by the Randleman Dam water treatment plant disagreements. (68)
9. Not being privy to the information in all the reports and the soon-to-be-concluded SBI investigation, I do not feel I can make an informed decision on this matter. My comment, however, would be that any discrimination should be investigated fully and dealt with in an appropriate manner and a timely fashion. (52)
10. I would propose, instead, a police/citizen mediation board without subpoena power that could be used as a tool for citizens’ concerns on specific incidents and also as a means to relay to the police department the general concerns of the public. Who better to bring ideas, concerns and suggestions to the police department than the citizens who rely on the police for assistance? (64)

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