Vaughan leads money race for Greensboro council

Greensboro City Council at-large candidate Nancy Vaughan leads the money race with $9,710 in cash on hand, according to 2009 mid-year campaign finance reports filed with the Guilford County Board of Elections. Vaughan, who previously served on the council between 1997 and 2001, has so far raised 10 times more than any other candidate.

Since opening her campaign committee in late April, Vaughan has raised $10,971 from an array of contributors, including former mayors Jim Melvin and Carolyn Allen, protest petition activist Keith Brown, former Councilman Tom Phillips, civic volunteer Betty Cone and Cemala Foundation Executive Director Susan Schwartz.

Other at-large candidates with campaign cash going into the primary election include, in order of their balance, Marikay Abuzuaiter ($1,738), incumbent Robbie Perkins ($1,419), Ryan Shell ($928), Julie Lapham ($695) and DJ Hardy ($45).

Only one District 1 candidate reports cash on hand: Daron R. Sellars, with $8.

District 3 candidates with cash on hand are incumbent Zack Matheny, with $385, and challenger George Hartzman, with $100.

District 4 candidate Mary Rakestraw reports $1,331 in cash on hand.

District 5 incumbent Trudy Wade reports $4,555 in cash on hand, compared to challenger Art Boyett, with $432.

After Vaughan, Shell has raised the most money, with $1,015 garnered from an array of sources. Other at-large candidates, listed in order of their receipt totals include Lapham ($695) and Hardy ($180).

In the district races, Boyett has contributed $552 to his campaign. Rakestraw has raised $100. Hartzman has contributed $100 to his campaign.
Sellars has loaned his campaign $38.

Vaughan also leads campaign spending, having plunked down almost two grand to cover the cost of invitations, food, music and bartending for her campaign kickoff. Rakestraw has spent $313, mainly on printing letterhead and buying stamps. Hardy has spent $135 on paper, envelopes and photography. Shell has spent $110 on online media services. Boyett has spent $52 on a post office box and stamps. Sellars has spent $30 on his filing fee and a checking account. And Abuzuaiter has spent $25 on a domain registration fee.

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