SBE thrown when Winston-Salem Journal doesn't publish

Still more from the Jan. 13 VanderKlok-Wright recording....

Don Wright, general counsel for the State Board of Elections, states that Forsyth County Board of Elections Chair Linda Sutton tried to take action on former employee Rebecca VanderKlok's allegations of unprofessional conduct by county director Rob Coffman.

Wright: “She brought your letter up and, in fact, went over her minutes and expressed concern and got no support for anything further. The majority of the board voted just not to respond.”

VanderKlok: “God! You talkin’ about idiots. I mean, if I were planning to sue, they would be in a heap of trouble over that.”

Wright: “Well, and again, she knows [Republican member Jerry] Jordan, but she’s scratching her head over [Democratic member Frank] Dickerson, too.”

VanderKlok: “Well, they’re all in so tight with Earline Parmon. I don’t know. Just a lot doesn’t make sense.”


Wright: “Let me tell you the scenario. Pam Johnson has been for several months contacting us. We sent Marshall Tutor and Judy Pittman, investigators here. Linda Sutton has received all of that and has talked to Pam Johnson, but Pam has not agreed to come before the board. Linda is somewhat limited in that if you want action taken, it’s going to take more than a letter.”

VanderKlok: “Mm hmm.”

Wright: “And the board needs to be quote, educated. And, obviously, Mr. Dickerson hasn’t heard a lot. So that’s a downside. Then she got up with Gardenia Henley, who I understand that they have been interviewed with Fox 8 – and extensively interviewed by the Winston-Salem Journal. I understand that Pam’s ex-husband works for the Journal. Neither of those entities ran it.”

VanderKlok: “I know. That’s another thing, Don. One of the current, part-time employees went on tape, was part of that interview. Rob knows that she did it. Why is she allowed to stay? What is the hole there?”

Wright: “I don’t know. But the thing is, we at the state board were expecting Winston-Salem Journal to run something, and they didn’t. That would tell you something.”


Wright: “Rob goes [to trainings] on occasion; we’re also aware that he doesn’t stay.”

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